Side ‘Expenditure’ Of Star Heroines Is Massive


Star-Heroines-Is-MassiveThe perspective that is seen when it comes to star heroines is always a flashy, luxurious and rich. But truth is that, when these big starlets have huge side income or main income, they have expenditures that match up. You may wonder why, here are they.

For example, if Samantha has to step our for an awards event, then she needs to get dressed well and attend the show. Costly makeup kits to designer hair stylist, from their assistants to travel allowances, it costs her a bomb. Afterwards she needs to buy a designer dress, and any international brand would cost more than 50,0000 rupees. Designer ear rings to jewellery to footwear will cost another bomb. Again she has to hire assistants to take care of her makeup touch-ups and then help her carry that dress. A designer-assistant should be present with her in case of any wardrobe malfunction. All this shots up to 1.5 lakh for one outing to an event.

All these heroines will be looking smoking hot on silver screen with their tempting curves. For that, they need to spend hefty money to hire specialist trainers. Samantha’s hardcore gymming to Shruti Haasan and Taapsee’s swimming, Trisha’s yoga and aroma therapies to Rakul Preet’s martial arts mixed workouts, they all come for a price. These heroines need to spend their own money and then get their physique right. Even the diet costs a bomb. From vegetable shakes to protein food that wont give them fat, they need to buy it from dieticians and take care of every sip of drink they intake.

If these two are one side, then staying in the news is another side. Not all the time media houses write about you, but only when PR agencies make sure that you attend events, make your presence felt, then they write. For that any starlet needs to have proper PR agency and they charge a bomb. All these costs are not seen by a common man, but feel like whenever a heroine steps out of house, every foot print of her is money. Not its not, there is this opposite side too.