Silly Controversy on SPYder


Spyder-600Superstar Mahesh Babu’s high budget film ‘SPYder’, which is battling at box office to survive the ‘disaster’ tag, has landed in a mild controversy.

The representatives of the State Gravedigger’s Association, Hyderabad, have reportedly demanded an immediate removal of the flashback scenes showcasing the film’s antagonist Bhairavudu’s disturbing childhood that revolves around a burial ground.

The Association representatives alleged that the scenes portrayed their community in poor light and that their sentiments were hurt. They demanded the scenes to be removed immediately and allegedly threatened to stall the film’s screening across the Telugu states if the makers do not oblige.The producers haven’t yet responded to the accusation.

Meanwhile, SPYder is heading towards becoming a huge debacle at worldwide box office. Buyers are staring at more than 50% losses.