Silly Reply From Nikhil


Actors or filmmakers consider to remake other language movies if and only if they feel that the subject suits the Telugu sensibilities and has chance to do wonders here. What’s more, they even make few changes to script as to provide additional hilarity to Telugu spectators.

Interestingly, when Nikhil was asked in his recent interview that what’s the thing that lured him to sign Kirik Party remake, the actor replied saying, “I liked the movie songs a lot. The sound tracks are very fresh and are youthful. I thought they will click here as well.”

It’s a silly reply from Nikhil opine many because songs alone are not enough for a film to become hit. Moreover, the subject is not distinctive for Telugu audience who already watched films like Happy Days etc.

While Kirik Party was one of the biggest hits in Kannada, Kirrak Party has botched to continue the magic in Telugu land.