Simha is a Landmark, Legend will be a Benchmark: Boyapati


legend-audio-launchThis is the moment the Nandamuri fans have been waiting for over three years now. Nothing worked for the once Box Office Bonanza like his combination with director Boyapati Srinu worked and even vice versa after ‘Simha’. So, fans went berserk when the film, its title and the producers were announced.

So, when the audio launch was announced, especially since it’s the first time the maverick composer Devi Sri Prasad is composing for Balayya, the anticipation grew endless. The songs were launched along with the theatrical trailer and other promotion material on Friday, the 7th March.

While the auditorium swayed to the chorus of the legend aka Balayya, the real surprise came in the form of Jagapathi Babu who took everyone by surprise with his honest speech and rendition of dialogues from the film. The addition of the actor in the fold looks like the master stroke from director Boyapati.

The film is even more important for Balayya since it could work wonders in his anticipated political movement which could take off with the election campaign. Even some of the one liners told by the actor on stage and in the trailer suggest that there will be some potshots at his old rivals and the new opponents.

The event also saw Nandamuri Bala Krishna complete four years as the Chairman of Basava Tarakam Cancer Trust and a book ‘Maha Manishi – A Symbol Of Humanity’ written by Dr. Uddandam Chandra Sekhar and published by Jagan, the founder of ‘NBK Helping Hands’, an organization initiated with the blessings of NBK himself was launched on the stage. The book is dedicated to the support rendered by Bala Krishna for the services from the hospital.

Dr. Krishna Prasad of ‘Helping Hands’ said ‘I am a childhood friend of Bala Krishna and whenever I met, he talked about his fans. Today I understood why he talked about them’

The individual songs were launched by NTR Fans from across the state of Andhra Pradesh and who’ve been with the family for generations.

Rama Jogayya Shastry said ‘Its rare that all the six songs in the album are a perfect mix of variations and I thank the director, composer and the producers of the film for blessing me with the single card of such legendary album’

Ali said ‘I came into films inspired by NTR and been a follower of Bala Krishna ever since’

Brahmanandam said ‘I am fortunate to have worked in a film with full of energy. Right from hero Balayya, director Boyapati who knows how to mould characters, DSP whose music will sweep the youth on their feet, two beautiful heroines and a high octane performance from Jagapathi Babu etc. Fans are here for a treat, I promise’

SS Raja Mouli unleashed the theatrical trailer. Srinu Vaitla and B Gopal did the audio launch honors. A special edition named ‘Legend’ was launched by Celcon mobiles and Bala Krishna did the honors. Directors B Gopal, SS Raja Mouli and Srinu Vaitla wished the unit, hero Balayya, director Boyapati and DSP a great success. Sonal Chauhan and Hamsa Nandini thanked every one in the unit.

DSP sang ‘He is a legend’ and inspired chorus from the crowds. He said ‘Balayya is like a child and his energy is unmatchable and this film is special to me coz it completes the circle of all top heroes that I worked with’ He dedicated his work in the album to his Uncle who just passed away.

Boyapati said ‘Simha has been a landmark and this will be a benchmark. This is not a political film but built on a character with the power of a dictator. This will give the audience a positive feel and is a film for the whole family. I for one believe that I have a responsibility for the society and Balayya always supported me in the cause. I assure all the fans that this is a wonderful film and will go on to rewrite history’

He thanked each and every technician in the film and added ‘Jagapathi Babu was not our first choice. We were thinking of other language actors for some time but when we thought of his name, I got stuck there. I went to JB to convince him for the role, designed his get up and for this film, he lost at least three films. Even Balayya rejected three films to make sure he is there and indeed. I thank everyone for the support’