Singer had 500 $ex partners in 7 yrs


george-michaelIt’s already known that Brit singer-songwriter George Michael died at his home on Sunday. His death shocked the industry as Mike was only 53 and too young too suffer a heart attack and death. But he himself told long back that he spent his life sabotaging his career in drug and $ex scandals.

Michael, who wrote and performed classics such as ‘Careless whisper,’ ‘Praying for time,’ and ‘Faith’ smoked a lot of marijuana as much as 25 joints per day and even struggled to battle his depression ever since death of his lover Anselmo Feleppa in 1993, and later death of his mom of cancer, in 1997.

Michael had severe dependency to sleeping pills as well as crack cocaine. He even had lust for having s3x with strangers and in peak form he had over 500 $exual partners in just 7 years. He admittedly had relationship with men too.

The 1988 Grammy Award winner’s life was marred with scandals and his death left bereft fans!