Singer Smita’s controversial tweet over Telangana


Singer-Smita-controversial-While the hungama surrounding the contentious Telangana issue rages on, there’s no end to people sharing their views on the issue – some opinions, some other controversial.

Singer-actor Smita in her latest tweet wrote that Congress had indeed struck a deal with the BJP and that the latter had sold Seemandhra for and wondered what was the drama all about.

Take a look at her tweet. “Cong-bjp strike a deal. #Bjp will not insist on amendments to the bill?? Enduku ee drama??Wonder how much bjp sold #seemandhra for? Shame” wrote Smita on her Twitter page.

Some of her tweetes:

I’m not against T or its ppl. I believe in Justice. T is done… if not today, tomorrow. #seemandhra needs means of survival

Yesterday was @SushmaSwarajbjp day, today is #venkaiahnaidu ‘s,….. Hopefully tomorrow will be #Seemandhra s 😉

Congress kaadu, Bjp kaadu. India is no more. Democracy is dead.

And finally….. Man of the series award goes to Sushma Swaraj!!!!