Singer Sunitha Speaks up on Divorce and Affairs


Sunitha-On-Board-for-PawanBeautify singer Sunitha, who always hits headlines owing to several rumors regarding her affairs, has finally broken her silence on her mysterious personal life.

In a candid interview, Sunitha has revealed that she and her husband have been living separately for a long time, but they haven’t ended marriage yet. Sunitha alleged that her husband is not ready to give her divorce although she wants it. Sunitha blamed her husband as the reason for the troubles in her marriage. She called him an irresponsible person who doesn’t give value to relations.

The 37-year-old beautiful singer got married when she was 19, and she has a 17-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter. Sunitha added that she has no intention of getting married again. ‘All I want is to give good future for my children,’ added Sunitha.

When asked about her alleged linkups with a noted politician and another film director, Sunitha clarified that she had been made a soft target as there was no one to support her.