Singh Is Bling quick movie review


Singh-Is-Bling-quick-movie-The hit duo of Akshay Kumar and Prabhu Dheva is back with the sequel of Khiladi Kumar’s superhit 2008 flick Singh Is Kinng. While last time around it was Katrina Kaif who played our Singh’s lady love, this time Amy Jackson has stepped into her shoes romancing Akshay Kumar. Apart from the two leads, Singh Is Bliing features a cameo from Lara Dutta and Kay Kay Menon in villainous role.

So how is Singh Is Bliing? Our reviewer is at the special screening of Singh Is Bliing and this is what he has to say:

Singh is Bling requires you to let go of every little grain of logic and reason to enjoy it. PrabhuDeva and Akshay Kumar reunite for what is one big carnival and celebration  set against different backdrops. The film begins in Punjab and then travels to South Africa, Romania and Goa. Akshay Kumar plays the lead role of Raftaar Singh, a caricature of himself whose biggest strength lies in self parody. There is ample action and humour in the first half, Prabhudeva style. The film picks pace when the story reaches Goa. Amy Jackson plays a deadly fighter named Sara who’s in search of her mother. The humour comes from the fact that Akshay and Amy can’t converse. She only speaks in English and he doesn’t understand a word. Enter, a cartoonish translator named Imli played by Lara Dutta who has some of the best scenes in the film. For those who enjoy PD’s school of humour and action there is ample masala in SIB to savour. Akshay is totally at ease in his role as the quirky Sardar while Lara makes an endearing comeback in a role that showcases her comic timing. Amy looks like a million bucks and has definitely put in tons of effort to get those action scenes right. You can’t get away with sloppy action when it’s an Akshay film. My only grouse is Kay Kay Menon’s unconvincing baddie act which not only looks poorly written but the weakest link in the film. The songs are choreographed keeping in mind the genre of the film and there is enough slapstick in the first half for those who like that kind of cinema. The writing is refreshing in parts and fortunately the action scenes take the story ahead. Hoping that the second half takes the drama and action a notch higher. Stay tuned for the full review.”