Sleeping With Producer Or Director Is Personal!


Sleeping-With-Producer-Or-DEver since Hollywood actresses came out in open and made stunning revelations about casting couches experience they faced with filmmakers, Indian actresses too started to share their experiences starting #MeToo which in fact went viral on internet.

In the midst of all heated discussion going on, whether one should name and shame the culprits or lodge a complaint with cops accompanied by solid proofs is a question left unanswered. Now Andrea Jeremiah, the sensible singer and hot actress known for titillating characters and intimate acts came with a stunner on entire issue.

Speaking on the sidelines of promotions of her upcoming entertainer Detective starring Vishal and Gruham starring Siddharth, she said, ‘whoever may be the girl sleeps with someone is purely her personal thing. One should not force her on this issue. As far as I am concerned, I never experienced sexual troubles during my film journey. I am ready to walk out of the film if I face such troubles.’

Nevertheless, Andrea earlier came with similar controversial statements on kissing and intimate scenes also.