Slum girl here … Glam girl there!


Few actresses even though from glamour to acting talent everything is in favour of them don not get the status of top stars. They don’t get chances in Big movies too. If we prpare a list of such actresses Hansika will be at the top of the list.

Hansika Motwani acted with big stars right from her debut in Deshamuduru to Kantri, Maska but she could not become the eye candy of Telugu Cinema. She shifted to Tamil and they accepted her despite of weight issues. Event though she managed to lose all the extra kilos, some how she is still unable to get the big break in Telugu.

Her recent film, Goutham Nanda also disappointed her as her looks did not work with her slum girl role or the seductress she tried to be in the songs. She did not promote the film at all as she has been busy celebrating a vacation in Croatia with her friends. Her Social Media updates are filled with her hot images but that is not helping her career! So, if she has been Slum girl on screen, she is being glam girl on digital world! Slum-girl-here-----Glam-girl-there