Small Budget films lost a godfather!


Dasari-Narayana-RaoDasari Narayana Rao made his stance clear in many interviews that he will always be more favourable to small budget filmmakers than the established big producers.

He even termed them as a Mafia and accused that due to their high-end networking skills and money they have blocked theatres, resulting in lack of good screens for a small budget film. He voiced the concern of the producers and even tried to distribute them at low costs through his distribution company.

He sat for hours together with many exhibitors to convince them to release many films. With the demise of such a great authoritative personality, the small budget producers are wondering who will be help them now. He used to be the god father for them. Whoever knocks on his door, he used to shoulder their cause and even talk to governments about smooth release.

Today, the small producers might have to give in to the demands of the major players and they don’t have a man like Dasari who would command respect and talk some sense to both parties.