Small Film Collected 4 Crs In One Week!


kerintha-movie-posterOnce termed as the man with the golden touch, Dil Raju gave a string of blockbusters even with medium budget films and a few high budget films featuring stars. The hotshot producer is back with a small budget campus flick, Kerintha. The film is full of emotions of friendship and love and it attracted the young moviegoers big time.

According to Dil Raju, the film has collected more than 4 crores in just its first week run. With the second week going on and no bigger threat from other films until this Friday, the film is poised to mint more money. According to the shrewd producer, he has already recovered his investment and he will now be laughing his way to the bank with whatever the film earns from now.

Apparently, Kerintha earned a whopping 1 crore in Vizag area alone and it is equally strong in most areas. The producer is surprised to see such a small film making a huge impact. In Dil Raju’s words, “it is the first time in the last 10 years that a small film is getting good response in the second week.” The film’s youthful content and Dil Raju’s aggressive promotions seemed to have done the trick for the film’s success.