Smart Strategy By Bharat Ane Nenu Team!


Already the full run of Mahesh Babu’s latest hit “Bharat Anu Nenu” has come to an end. While the movie’s blockbuster success made Mahesh retain his superstardom intact post debacles like Brahmotsavam and Spyder, somehow the publicity team of the film is still unsatisfied.

Currently, a news is doing rounds in National Media circles that the satellite rights of “Bharat Anu Nenu” are second to Baahubali. While Baahubali’s satellite rights are sold for 51 crores to Hindi channel (Sony), now Bharat Anu Nenu has fetched 22.5 crores. Of course, this is an old news only and way back in April itself everyone knows about this deal. So why is it publicised now?

Some say that BAN publicity team want to give extra mileage to the film by the team it will be hitting on digital platform Amazon Prime. Also, the TV channels want to air it very soon in the dubbed format. To make sure that they get right attention, it looks like BAN team is creating content even after the film left Telugu theatres.

One has to appreciate Mahesh’s team for this because lack of promotions will kill even good films at the box office. And if there is a huge promotion, then there is a chance of even an above-average film making it big.