Sobhan Babu’s Money Matters!


Close to half a dozen heroes in Tollywood have been charging remuneration of anywhere between Rs 20 to 30 crore per movie. Remunerations of Stars used to be so high even in the 70s and 80s. Actors like Krishna and Sobhan Babu used to charge lakhs in days when the entire film budget is under Rs 1 crore. Which means, 1 lakh in those days is more or less equal to Rs 1 crore at present.

Movie Artiste Association had once passed an order limiting the remuneration to Rs 10 lakh at best for keeping the budgets of feature films under control. Sobhan Babu firmly opposed the rule by questioning, ‘Should we sent back the Producer who is ready to offer us Rs 15 lakh? Who are you to pass the rule?’.

As a result, The rule passed by Movie Artiste Association failed to make any difference. A Senior Cine Tailor who stitched costumes for Sobhan Babu revealed this episode.

Sobhan Babu invested all that he earned in Film Industry on the real estate. Investing on the lands made him one of the most richest Actors of the country.