Sobhan Babu’s Words Earned Him Thousands Of Crores!


We do see people talking about how one word from a person, one good advice can change others lives. Sobhan Babu saw actors who came before him spoiling money and learned to save it and grow his income by exploring real estate options.

Early Tamil Star actor who ruled cinema before MGR, Sivaji Ganesan, P.U. Chinnappa started the trend of investing money on housing but he couldn’t save all the houses he bought as there was no proper documentation during his time.

But later Tamil stars taking his inspiration invested money more on land than film production. Shivaji and MGR bought land in many areas that they later sold to real estate agents to develop.

Rajnikanth too has lands in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and many areas in Karnataka. He pledged to give it all to society after his death and they value in crores.

Seems like Sobhan Babu took a leaf out of their books and invested more on land and his children became real estate developers in Chennai and Tamil Nadu that is flourishing even today.

Sobhan Babu gave the same advice that he practices to Murali Mohan. The senior actor remembered this during an awards show in the honor of Sobhan Babu. He said, ” Sobhan Babu garu asked me when I was acting as second lead to him about what I was doing with my earnings.

He told me not to trust in partnership business and invest very less on films. As he said I lost money in partnerships and I had to bail out companies from loans. After I returned what I could I went to him for his advice in business.

He told me to invest on land as only 1/4th of Earth is land and in that only 15-20% is habitable. He said that the demand for land will increase as population is increasing.

I followed his advice and developed the lands further into housing ventures and took up even bigger ventures to be in this financial position today,” concluded Murali Mohan, whose real name is Rajababu.

The political circle say that he worked as Binami for Nara Chandrababu Naidu and got major benefits when the later came to power as he entered into venture capital market successfully from minor real estate services.

Anyways, one sound advice from Sobhan Babu made him a multi-billionaire today!

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