Software Company Turns Into Rangasthalam Village


Impact of cinema is something we can’t imagine and there is both good and bad side of it. Cut to the present happening, we could notice that a super hit like “Rangasthalam” always exerts its influence on the people.

Recently a corporate company in Hyderabad celebrated their annual day and the theme they have set for the party is, none other than decorating their office like Rangasthalam village. By arranging the looks of those huts, side walls, thatched roofs, the team also slipped into 80s outfits. With ladies dressed like Samantha and most gents showcasing their Chitti Babu Charan looks, the party turned flaunted its rural colours.

And the thing is, they have all cooked in the native village style and ate food in aluminium plates like in the film. This is how people like films and people show their love by enacting that in real life. Hope filmmakers take a note of it and showcase some good in their films such that it will impact someone out there.

As they enjoyed Rangasthalam theme, the film is actually enjoying a superb run in theatres crossing 90 crores share in 10 days.