Southern Sizzler’s shocker about her marriage


Shriya-Saran-hotSouthern sizzler Shriya gave sleepless nights to movie lovers romancing top stars of south. Now she is sizzling waking on the ramps at various fashion shows, posing redhot in the cover shoots of various magazines and performing live in functions.

Shriya who romanced Natasimha Balakrishna thrice and more recently in Paisa Vasool, when asked about her marriage came with the shocker.

Shriya turning angry said “You should stop asking such questions to heroines, you know,”. In the meantime she surprises all by posing impromptu for photos walking on the streets.

An onlooker said “One second she was posing for the cameras and the next second, she was standing on the footpath! All the commuters on the road were in for a shock to see the actress standing as they passed by. Many obviously stopped for a sneak peek and even clicked pictures,”