SP Balasubrahmanyam clarifying the rumours about his health


A lot of rumours related to Prominent Personalities surface on Social Media on regular basis. That’s the biggest negative aspect of this medium & Celebs were forced to issue a clarification whenever a speculation linking their name go viral.

Recently, SP Balasubrahmanyam paid a visit to a hospital for a routine health check-up. This fueled the rumours that the Playback Singer might be suffering from some ailment. He was floored with phone calls and messages on social media enquiring about his health condition.

To put all the rumours to rest, SP Balu posted a Video Message on his Facebook Page. ‘I am hale & hearty. I don’t know from where these rumours come from. Rumours have been created even if I go to hospital for cold & cough,’ he said.

Balu explained he had cancelled few shows in the recent past as his Sister Girija passed away. ‘As My Sister breathed her last, I stayed with My Family for 12 Days,’ says the Legend.