Spirit of Movies Today


indian-cinemaWhen we see films, we get to see more vision. All the films [in Hindi]are essentially Bollywood. Since [Satyajit] Ray, there’s no other cinema, apart from Bollywood, that has made its way around the world. There’s a disconnect because we don’t understand these films. But the perception is that Bollywood makes these huge productions that are about choreography… musicals.

Even this [cinema]is political because it doesn’t say anything.

Every culture has a sensibility. It is important to not judge another country’s culture [comparing it]with your culture. Culture is permanent. I like to discover and understand culture every time I visit a new country, through its food, its music, then film and theatre. The problem is that these [Bollywood and American] films offer entertainment, but these are movies with no real problems. Shakespeare is entertainment, Sophocles is entertainment. Moliere is entertainment. But they all told us something about the culture.

Art has to say something about society and its problems. In ancient Greece, they used to say that the role of theatre and art was… Psychagogia. That means [art]has to guide your soul. People believe in cinema because it’s the most popular art form in the world that goes from one country to another.

The Movies include Hero, Heroines, Villains[Bad Guys] etc. The bad guys today are ourselves. Because of the choices we are making. There are people wielding big power, and the way they deal with it makes us miserable or makes us happy. Hollywood is going through a bad phase [with comic book adaptations and sequels]because they make films like a football game.

Spend two or three years understanding the problem you want to deal with. You have to love a story with enough passion to make a movie. What is politics? It is the way we react every day with other people and how we respect the dignity of other people. It’s not just who we vote for. As the French philosopher Roland Barthes says, all films are political. You cannot take politics out of films because everyone is political.