Spyder becomes crucial for all involved!


Spyder-New-Poster1Mahesh Babu’s Spyder has been the most important film for the actor and his fans. As his previous film, Brahmostavam registered a huge disaster and other hero films like Khaidi crossed the collections of Mahesh’s last blockbuster, Srimanthudu, fans of the actor are eagerly waiting for the movie.

They want this movie to become one of the biggest blockbusters. Even a small update about the movie is being scrutinized by them to see if it is positive or negative. They have been waiting for the movie from long and when the postponement from 23rd June date is announced they felt really disappointed and since, the August date is also looking highly improbable, they are again spamming the actor’s and director’s twitter mentions, asking them to lock a date and come by the time.

From director and team’s point of view, they want this film to work under any circumstances. For actor, he needs this to be a blockbuster, while for director, his first straight telugu film, Stalin has been a disappointment. He wants to correct that. For the antagonist S.J. Surya direct telugu films after Khushi have been disasters. His directorials, Nani and Komaram Puli have put his blossoming career as a director in jeopardy and as an actor he needs this movie to work for him. For music director Harris Jayraj all his straight albums in Telugu while have become hits audio wise ended being songs in disaster movies. He wants to correct that too.

The producers need this movie to work big time as they have spent crores on it already and lost more in other films. As it became this crucial for everyone involved the team wants to deliver an outstanding output and for that they have given more time to VFX and post production as well.