Spyder Business: Mahesh’s Career Best!


Spyder-BusinessTerrific demand for ‘Spyder’ in trade helped the Makers obtain unbelievable price in the form of pre-release business. Undoubtedly, This is the career-best for Mahesh Babu in terms of revenue generation ahead of release. There is hardly any impact of the disastrous result of ‘Brahmotsavam’ on this stylish thriller.

Actually, Tamil Version helped a lot in generating excess revenue. Thanks to the success rate & market of Murugadoss in Tamil Nadu! Initially, Makers have plans to make it a tri-lingual by releasing it in Hindi as well. They, however, dropped the idea for reasons known best to them. Still, ‘Spyder’ emerged as one of the costliest films ever made down South.

Distributors & Exhibitors have been pinning all hopes on the deadly combination of Mahesh & Murugadoss. They firmly believe ‘Spyder’ is going to rewrite Box Office records.

Spyder Pre-Release Business:

Nizam: Rs 23 crore

Ceded: Rs 12 crore

Uttar Andhra: Rs 8.1 crore

Guntur: Rs 7.2 crore

Krishna: Rs 5.4 crore

East: Rs 6 crore

West: Rs 5.04 crore

Nellore: Rs 2.9 crore

Spyder AP & Nizam Theatrical Business: Rs 69.6 crore

Spyder Worldwide Theatrical Business:
Rs 121.4 crore (includes Tamil Nadu: Rs 17 crore, Karnataka: Rs 10.8 crore, North India: Rs 1 crore, Overseas: Rs 23 crore)

Spyder Pre-Release Business: Rs 156.4 crore (includes Satellite & Digital: Rs 33 crore, Audio: Rs 2 crore)