Spyder Did Oosaravelli Like Mistake!


Spyder-First-ReviewEvidently, fans and film lovers of Telugu movies have a particular taste and any film played to that idea will click at the box office. And if someone tries to break it, then there should be a strong reason to support it, else the story will break, and the film will go for a toss.

Other day’s release Spyder is liked by fans but slammed by critics for obvious reasons. As Mahesh Babu already stated that people write good reviews for good films, there is nothing more we could say about that. However, some hardcore fans of the actor feel that an Oosaravelli like mistake committed by Spyder has cost the hero huge. 

A couple of years back when Jr NTR came up with Oosaravelli, many got doubt after looking at Tamanna’s flashback episode that hero was nowhere connected to the main plot. As nearly a 20 minutes flashback episode runs on the heroine, even fans have got hurt. Same thing happened with Spyder as well as the flashback episode related to the villain (played by SJ Surya) has no connection with Mahesh Babu. That made many get disconnected with the film for a while as the primary target of many movie lovers is to watch Mahesh on the first day of the movie for all the screen time. 

This is just a belief, however, but the weak link between SJ Surya’s terrific flashback and Mahesh’s current reaction on him is what the bigger culprit. But sentiment lovers are busy believing that Oosaravelli like mistake resulted in a similar result.