How Is Spyder Performing In Tamil


Spyder-movieSpyder released with huge hype around, but failed to garner expected response from Telugu audience. According to trade reports, the movie could not break first day records and second day too ended on a disappointing note.

This is all about Spyder’s show in Telugu version, but surprisingly, Tamil version is performing better. The trade sources there reveal that Spyder is getting better response than any other Telugu hero’s film. Tamil critics too gave decent ratings to Spyder and why is it when popular critics in Telugu ruled it out as a disaster?

Murugadoss made the film in a way that it fits to T for a young hero, but not a superstar. Villain dominates in every frame while hero just reacts, but never really could stop him from doing anything. Villain gets elevated and hero’s character remained toned down all through the film.

As Mahesh does not have any star image in Tamil, the audience there are watching it as any other small hero’s film. But fans here expect a lot of heroism from their favorite superstar, the lack of same disappointed them to core. Murugadoss is known for elevating heroism, but his Spyder is a movie on villain leaving Mahesh in a dummy role. Many feel that the movie should have been made only for Tamil release and a dubbed version in Telugu would have received better response.