Spyder’s Two Surprises Are Highly Disappointing


Spyder-stillsSpyder is out in theaters today and started as a disappointing show. Star director-hero combination could not give a decent thriller, thanks to weak script, logicless scenes and routine formulaic climax fight. Total star cast except Mahesh, Priyadarshi and Rakul is from Tamil films and that too not having atleast one known face disconnects Telugu audience quite a good number of times.

Just few days before the release of Spyder, Mahesh Babu and team revealed few things just not to lose anything due to confusion. One among them is that the robo spider appeared in first look teaser will not be there in actual film and the other one is that there are two surprise elements which were not shown in any trailer, only to keep the hype high. After watching the movie, one must admit that revelation about robo spider is proper damage control and understand the reality that the two surprise scenes were the rolling rock and the hospital collapse respectively.

The scenes that were highlighted as best scenes were actually pictured with poor graphics and are highly disappointing. One rock rolling episode is totally unnecessary and the hospital collapsing scene in climax remains mediocre with poor graphics with hero-villain’s fist fight, which is as old as mountains. If the two disappointing highlights were not the actual surprise scenes we think, then they must be chopped in editing!?