Sr Producer Literally On Road!


Producer-Turning-HeroHe is a very senior producer – not in age – but in terms of experience. He has worked with several big stars. But particularly he has special bond with a star and his family as he made several films with him and many were hits that made him a star.

The story has it that he is now almost on road as he lost most of his money on films. And he lost more money due to his favourite star only. But shockingly the star and his family seem to be not caring him, his financial condition.

Recently, the former producer had to travel for some work. When there was flight, but he dropped the plan as the ticket was at Rs 3500/-. He didn’t even choose AC bus as it is Rs 1000 plus something. Finally, he has booked a non-AC bus ticket for whole night travel for around Rs 600/- odd. People who know him personally are shocked with his situation.

If the star or his family members could really come to his rescue and do some financial aid, it will be great.