Sreenu Vytla reveals Why Bruce Lee won’t FAIL?


sreenu-vytla-reveals-why-bruce-lee-won-t-failOver the years, Sreenu Vytla kept making films in two different styles. While one of them is to pick a story first and then weave entertainment around it, The other one is picking up entertainment and weaving a story around it.

Sreenu Vytla: “My track record proved that I scored a hit everyone, When I chose a story and then add necessary entertainment values to it. Bruce Lee belongs to this category”.

Can ‘Bruce Lee’ surpass Sreenu Vytla’s biggest hit ‘Dookudu’ (Rs 56 crore)? Certainly, If the film generates positive WOM on Day 1.

As per the insiders, Chiru’s cameo in ‘Bruce Lee’ lasts for 4 minutes not 3 minutes as speculated in the media.

‘Bruce Lee’ Censor started at 12 PM Today. Makers are expecting a ‘U/A’ Certificate from the Censor Board.