Sri Devi worries for her Daughters Late Nights!


SrideviSri Devi is busy giving interviews as part of the promotions for her movie, MOM, scheduled for a release on 7th July. The movie has got lot of media buzz due to her interviews and the latest controversy regarding her not accepting the role of Shivagami in the epic, Baahubali movie also helped the buzz.

Now, the actress revealed that she fears for her daughters more than anything when they go to the late night parties and she can’t sleep until they return. Her daughter, Jhanvi Kapoor has been popular in the tabloids and other gossip magazines as a party savvy teenager and Sri Devi said that it is not the entire truth.

She claimed that once when her daughter went to a party with her English Vinglish director, Gauri Shinde, the media reports claimed that her daughter went with a guy and she doesn’t believe in all those rumours. She said she knows more about her daughters but as they are young they want to enjoy the life as well.

Personally, she claimed to dislike the late night parties and also shared that they are harmful to sanity of mind and health as well. Well, even Divas do turn Moms for their kids and we hope she doesn’t have to worry much about the late night parties.