Sri Nikha’s bold web series ‘A’ Story trailer goes viral


The latest trend in cinema is the adult and sensational content genre is finding its way to the audience as web series on digital platforms like YouTube channel, Netflix and Hotstar.

After Balaji Mohan’s youthful adult comedy As I am Suffering from Kadhal became a huge hit, here is Babu Thooyavan’s web series ‘A’ Story, which is the story of a hooker with bold dialogues and scenes. The trailer of the series reveals it all and it wet viral on online platforms within minutes of its release.

Producer-filmmaker Babu Thooyavan, who is awaiting his upcoming directorial Itly, speaks to DC in an exclusive. ‘A’ Story is directed by Nimesh, a short filmmaker who won a national ward for Malli, and has Sri Nikha, a known face in dubsmash circuit playing a sex worker.

When we prod Babu about the explicit lines the lead lady mouths in the trailer, he says, “A trailer is apparently meant to create curiosity among audiences and lure them to watch the film/ web series later. Actually, the film is narrated from the prostitute’s (heroine’s) point of view, which includes her ego, sufferings, intelligent moves and compassion. Though some of the dialogues are bold, there are no sleazy scenes.”

It runs for about 10 minutes in each episode and will be aired for 20 weeks. A filmmaker’s freedom of expression is curtailed in commercial cinema, says Babu.

“My next film Itly, which is about women empowerment with Saranaya Ponvannan, Kovai Sarala and late Kalpana essaying the lead roles. The Censors have given U/A to Itly for no reason at all. In fact, there’s no double meaning dialogues, violence or obscenity in Itly. There is no freedom in films, which doesn’t allow me to fully convey what I perceive. The best thing is to shift to online medium where you can explore,” is how he signs off.