Sri Reddy Attacks Pawan Kalyan On Srija Issue


Chiranjeevi’s Stay in the Congress Party has been a headache for Pawan Kalyan. Nobody knows why Megastar isn’t resigning to the national party despite not being active since few years.

While mentioning about the love marriage of Chiru’s Younger Daughter Sreeja, Pawan Kalyan commented his Family was made to suffer by Congress Leaders who made a 16-Year-Old Girl appear before National Media.

Sri Reddy: ‘If your heart burns witnessing Congress Leaders make a 16-Year-Old Girl appear before National Media by cheating, Why your Brother still continuing in the same party? Why he is helping you through his fans for the sake of votes? Don’t your brother feel shame on this? Food Okarintlo?? Shit Okarintlo??’.

The Controversial Lady urged any of the established Youtube Channel to contact her so that she could offer an exclusive interview. She complains about threat from Hero Vishal after making shocking comments on Kollywood Celebs.