Sri Reddy Broke Down Hearing Mother’s Views


Sri Reddy had been getting the support from women’s organizations and people from all walks of life. What about her Parents? A News Channel has interviewed Sri Reddy’s Mother Pushpawathy to know her feelings.

Pushpawathy: ‘Sri Reddy left home 10 years ago…she is living separately ever since then. We are Brahmins & inclined to devotional side. Since Childhood, Sri Reddy used to remain firm on her decisions. Whatever I might say, She would do as per her wish. We opposed when she expressed her desire to be an actress and asked her to continue as an employee of Sakshi TV but she didn’t pay heed. She never revealed to us about any of the harassments faced in the Industry’.

When quizzed about the fight of Sri Reddy for Telugu Actresses, The Elderly Woman replied: ‘We would always support if it’s for the sake of other’s wellbeing. Even his Father won’t object as long as it helps people in distress. But, Semi Nude Protest isn’t right…She should have chosen other methods to fight for the rights. When I asked her why did she stage such a protest, Sri Reddy told us that she followed her heart and asked us to assume their Daughter has passed away. Negative comments against Sri Reddy has pained us a lot’.

Sri Reddy broke down in the studio upon hearing the comments of her Mother. Character Artist Apoorva consoled her.