Sri Reddy reveals top Singer’s sleazy whatsapp chat


Controversial Sri Reddy has disturbed the hornet’s nest. The lady who allegedly said there are big names behind actresses facing casting couch has created quite a furor leaking names of Puppala Ramesh, Anil Kadiyala and another director. She vowed to bring out many more big names soon.

In her latest revelation she leaked whatsapp chat by singer and Indian Idol fame Sreerama Chandra. Sri Reddy on her facebook revealed chat messages between the alleged singer and her.

Sri Reddy posted the message: Look at our Indian Idol Chat….Shame on you sri ram..remove sri ram from ur name..u r not worth to have it’

It was clear that the singer was asking her to send her pictures and even gave her the nick name Nicki Minaj (pop singer). Sri Reddy revealed the selfies she took with him.