Sri Reddy Targets Websites Now!


Including Babu Gogineni and other people who took part in a debate with Sri Reddy are now going to face legal action from actress Sri Reddy, if her comments at Press Club are to be believed. Whoever opposed Sri Reddy’s multiple views and contrasting talks on many things including Casting Couch, special status, women in the film industry, big four and theatres issues, will be facing music it seems.

Speaking at a Press Meet the other day along with her lawyers, Sri Reddy stated that she’s going to take action on all the people who have insulted her, made comments on her and condemned her whether on TV or in a website or on a social media page. After collecting the evidence under Section 65B, Sri Reddy will be lodging cases on all of them under various sections of IPC. “I’m trying to get the debate videos from Mahaa TV where the likes of Babu Gogineni insulted me. If they don’t give video CD, I’ll go to court” she said.

Her lawyer revealed that they have identified almost 21 persons, social media accounts and websites on which they will be lodging cases through Court under various sections of IPC. It’s indirectly confirmed that even those common people who have criticised Sri Reddy through their youtube videos are likely to get court notices.

So, if anyone gives a counter to Sri Reddy in the name of free speech then check with the laws once or you will hear from her lawyers.