Sri Reddy Tollywood big wigs has to wash Kollywood big actors legs and drink that water


Sri Reddy: Sri Reddy has made sensational comments on Tollywood stars. She praised Kollywood stars but insulted Tollywood heroes. Sri Reddy said, “The Tollywood Big Wigs has to wash the legs of Kollywood big actors and drink that water.”

Today morning the controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy took to her facebook to share the link of her video where she is seen giving warning to Tollywood stars. She wrote, “The best comment i did in my life ..learn from Chennai movie industry..tollywood big wigs has to wash kollywood big actors legs,and drink that water..then change wl happens.”

Sri Reddy said, “Surya , Karthi, senior actor Rajinikanth are humble, they always come to help the people. Earlier they provided fruits, food packets, medicine, blankets and other necessary amenities to the people who suffered from flood.” It Seems, Sri Reddy is not aware that not only Kollywood but Tollywood stars like Allu Arjun, Allari Naresh, Rana Daggubati, Nani, singer Chinmayi Sripada, Lakshmi Manchu, Navdeep and others also came in the support of people and they also appealed to their fans to join the relief drive.

According to Sri Reddy, she is fighting against the casting couch in Telugu film Industry but no any top actresses from Tollywood came in her support. Sri Reddy also spoken about the Chicago (Tollywood S*x racket) which was busted recently by US authorities and also released the list of Telugu actresses and anchors who were involved in this s*x racket but she was slammed by activist Sandhya and journalist Sajaya Kakarla.

Recently Sri Reddy spoke in support of Renu Desai, the ex-wife of Pawan Kalyan and lashed at Pawan Kalyan fans. Sri Reddy said, “Renu Desai got divorced at a very young age and we are none to talk about the reasons for it, as they are personal. We have no right to talk about her life. Who are you to torture her? Does anyone know what kind of problems Renu Desai is facing? When you can’t help her, why are you interfering in her personal affairs?”