Sri Reddy Vs Kona Venkat: Let’s Govt Talk


All these days, actress Sri Reddy is busy alleging that many industry folks have used her in the bed luring her with false promises of giving film offers. Other than Sekhar Kammula, no celebrity has actually responded to her allegations. In the wake of many complaining that those who are being named by Sri Reddy are also becoming victims, finally, someone is talking.

Other day while speaking at a TV studio, Sri Reddy accused that writer-producer Kona Venkat has forced on her. “I went to his guest house in Road No 12 and he asked me to drink. I said no. Later he forced me and abused my modesty” she said, revealing that she may not have proofs and witnesses, but phone call data will help police establish the case.

Reacting in no time, writer Kona Venkat gave a full retort via social media, tweeting, “I’m shocked with some allegations made by one actress against some film personalities including me.. I demand the government to conduct through police investigation in these allegations and punish whoever are guilty.. Truth must prevail. Legal action follows!!”

Also Kona responded to the allegation that Telugu girls are not getting chances here. “It’s really pity that film industry and film personalities have become soft target to many people who are trying to gain cheap publicity… I definitely support taking Telugu artists in our films.. In Geethanjali u find only Telugu artists. But this is unacceptable. I condemn it” he added.

Well, now the ball is in government’s court for real. A report is doing rounds that Sri Reddy is not interested in legal action because once the matter falls in the purview of police and court, entertaining TV debates on that will be illegal.