Sri Reddy’s Next: Romantic Fantasies Of Writer?


The list of Film Personalities who tried to obtain undue favours from Sri Reddy promising movie offers seems to be much bigger than anyone anticipated. Already, She placed few posts maligning the image of a Sensible Filmmaker and Natural Hero. The Actress had even leaked conversations with few celebs apart from intimate pictures with Daggubati Abhiram.

Grapevine in the Industry is that Sri Reddy could be targeting a Star Writer anytime soon. She seems to have given evidence of their romantic moments to a News Channel already. Buzz is that this Popular Writer used to make the Girls with whom he wishes to share bed run so as to chase them for getting ultimate pleasure.

Sexual fantasies of this Film Celeb has been discussed widely after Sri Reddy had shown a video footage to few selective people in the Industry. Whether if she offered only screen shots or complete video to the News Channel is a mystery for now.