Sri Reddy’s Sensational Comments On Officer


Officer’, which marked the reunion of Nagarjuna and RGV, released Yesterday. As expected, This Cop Flick opened to negative reviews and disappointing word-of-mouth.

Whereas, Sri Reddy began projecting as if Mega Fans have been spreading bad propaganda against ‘Officer’. ‘Officer is a great movie..Nagarjuna garu did a very good job and RGV is a great director..unnecessary penta fans negative publicity chesthunnaru..pichi rajakeeyalu this movie with out any family nunchi movies vochinapudu kuda chuskundam,’ she tweeted.

Sri Reddy is trying to give an impression that ‘Officer’ could have been a blockbuster if not for the controversy involving Pawan Kalyan. She need to realize Varma’s previous films received much worse feedback from the public.

How can Sri Reddy decide the fate of Mega Films? She already lost credibility because of the cheap publicity stunts under Varma’s Direction. What will be the use of making these kind of senseless comments?