Sridevi Death: Reporter Defends ‘Bath Tub’ Acts


Other day we have seen how the acts of Indian media invited criticism from all quarters. Supposedly, the ‘bathtub’ circus as reported by us other day became a big joke. And guess what media folks have to say about this.

Apparently, the media folks, including journalists, input editors and journalists involved in the bathtub creativity are actually defending their work. Especially one Telugu media folk took to social media to clarify that he did the bathtub reporting on a purpose.

The reporter has engaged in some sort of discussion on social media, supporting his bathtub acts. He felt that poor families don’t know what a ‘bathtub’ is, so he has shown it. He wants the poor fans of the actress to know about the final hours of the legendary actress and hence that type of creativity was applied.

Netizens are quick to throw satires saying even audiences also doesn’t know how a person will die under five minutes when drowned, please demonstrate that too. Satires apart, showcasing too much of creativity in the name of ground reality kills the real news and highlights the speculations around it. Isn’t it?