Sridevi Gives Back to Rajamouli with A Bang!


Sridevi-and-RajamouliSridevi is bombarded with one question constantly after Rajamouli revealed in an interview that Sridevi rejected Shivagami’s role for the sake of high demands. Finally, she chose to answer here in Hyderabad, in a recent interview.

First things first. She is right when she said that it wasn’t correct to reveal her remuneration and other things on a public platform. How Rajamouli said that he felt happy that she didn’t do the film had hurt her. She denied demanding Rs. 8 crores remuneration, 10 flight tickets and an entire floor of a five-star hotel.

I couldn’t have done 300 films if I was that kind of actress who made such high demands. Not only ‘Baahubali’, I rejected many super hit movies for my own reasons and those directors and producers never spoke about that on a public platform.

It’s her right to accept or reject a film, but speaking on a public platform and revealing her remuneration details isn’t expected from a talented technician like Rajamouli said the veteran actress. No one would find fault in her argument after she clarified that she never had those demands and not sure who asked Rajamouli on behalf of her.

Despite all this, Sridevi wished Rajamouli all the best for his future projects and though she didn’t watch ‘Baahubali’ yet, she liked Rajamouli’s ‘Eega’.