Sridevi’s family members thank everyone for support!


Sridevi left us all with great void in our hearts and immense grief. Her journey as a phenomenal actor, led to many believe in miracles like her could exist.

As her death became a great controversy and immense media attention grabber, we got a sad statement from her family members, Boney Kapoor, Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor, thanking the emotional support.

“We thank the film fraternity, media, fans of late Sridevi Kapoor and all the well-wishers for their prayers, support and sensitivity during our moment of immense grief. We request you to kindly join us in paying our last respect to a remarkable actor, beloved wife and loving mother,” read the statement.

Nobody, can imagine their grief and how much ever we sympathise, young teenagers Jhanvi and Khushi, will always be missing a towering presence, their mother, Sridevi.

Finally, they were able to procure the mortal remains of late actress and flown them to Mumbai. The security at Boney Kapoor’s residence as been increased and fans are already rushing to see their favourite actress for one last time.

On 28th February, 2018, her last rites will be performed by her family members in Mumbai. Let’s all hope she finds peace and also, let’s apologize for making a death, such an unnecessary controversy.