Sridevi’s Stepson Shocks All


Arjun Kapoor is the hero we are talking about. Many times he went critical of Sridevi when asked to speak about his step-mom. It is known fact that Boney Kapoor ditched his first wife Mona, Arjun’s mother, and married Sridevi in 1996. That’s the reason Arjun Kapoor never speaks about her.

However other day with the news of Sridevi’s demise shocking the whole nation, Arjun Kapoor went straight to his father’s residence from the airport as he’s returning from a shoot. He met his stepsister Jhanvi Kapoor and consoled her for a while. This doting act of the brother from another mother for his sister has stunned even the who is who of Bollywood.

Actually, Jhanvi tweeted many times about her stepbrother Arjun Kapoor and confirmed that he will always stay close to her heart. But it looks like Sri’s death brought Arjun closer to his sister, says Bollywood folks. Already Arjun takes care of his other sister, Sonam Kapoor (daughter of Boney’s brother Anil Kapoor) quite well and the whole industry knows it. Now it looks Jhanvi will also get that Big Brother affection from the happening chap.

Anyway, it’s a good thing that people keep their egos aside in the moment of need and stand by fellow humans.