Sridevi’s Uncle Reveal Shocking Facts


M.venugopal, Babai of Sridevi speaking to scribes shared many of Atiloka Sundari’s secrets.


Sridevi happens to be my sister in law. Her mother Rajeswaramma is the daughter of my mother’s brother. Sridevi’s pinnamma Anasuyamma was married to my cosin (son of my uncle). Rajeswaramma’s brother got married to my sister. Rajeswaramma used to do side characters in films. She married Ayyappan in Sivakasi.We all attended her marriage.


All our relatives used to live nearby in Tirupathi. Sridevi’s mother Rajeswaramama used to live four houses after her aunt (Anasuyamma) house. Sridevi used to play in all these houses.

Name change:

Sridevi’s father is a Tamilian. So he gave her some name as Ammayamgar. We never used to call by taht name. All the relatives used to call her as puppy. When puppy entered films,her parents changed her name as Sridevi.

Going to shootings:

During Govinda Govinda shooting in Tirupati we met Sridevi in the guest house and spoke till late night. We never used to go to the shootings of her other films.

Sri as a star:

Sridevi used to come to Tirupati on Aug 13 every year on her birthday. She used to call all the relatives and everyone together go to darshan. She used to stay in Tirupati and if time permitted visited houses if not stay in a hotel in case of security problems. After she became a top star,she started staying in hotel as people thronged to see her.

Sri didn’t care relatives:

Relatives know better about a person than outsiders. Sridevi used to pamper my son Umesh a lot. She took care of him till he went to Madras. Even after going to Madras, he used to go to her. He is currently in US. Sridevi helped us construct a house. She sent marble and other things and whenever we went to her,she used to help us financially.

Differences with her parents:

All those are untrue. Rajeswaramma and Ayyappana used to have good relations. He used to take Sri to shootings and take care of his wife and daughter in a caring manner.

Sridevi didn’t attend her father’s funeral:

Sridevi was shooting for Lamhe. She came to see her father for the last time to Madras. She didnot go to shooting for 15 days.

Sridevi’s marriage:

Marriage and reception was in Chennai.We all attended it.

Did Sridevi ever meet them after marriage?

She used to meet before marriage but reduced her visits, after her marriage she shifted to Mumbai due to her busy schedule. However she made it a point to visit Tirumala every year on Aug 13 and meet everyone.

Sridevi introduced her daughters:

Sri introduced her daughters to everyone as babai, Pinni etc. We know them but they don’t know Telugu. So we couldn’t converse.

Boney’s relation with relatives:

He is very good. But has little language problem. He gives lot of respect greeting us everytime.

Sri’s childhood favourites:

She loved chicken, mutton. She loves non veg.

Sri’s mother imposed restrictions:

Generally those in cities eat very less. Mother never imposed any restrictions on her. However Sri reduced her intake after operations.

What kind of operations Sri underwent?

She underwent nose surgery. According to our knowledge nose surgery was done three times. After that she started following strict diet.

Did you advice her against surgeries?

We used to talk openly when her mother was alive. However after her death, meetings used to be few and in between, so couldn’t give that advice.

Did relatives go to Mumbai after her death?

My wife and few relatives went to Mumbai. They first went to Sridevi’s house and after spending sometime shifted to a hotel.

Doubts about her death:

We don’t know what really happened there. We are watching on only TV.

Did you notice unhappiness and sadness in Sridevi. Did she tell anything?

She didnot tell anything but we heard that Arjun Kapoor used to trouble her and she told the same to one of our relatives and lamented about it.

So Sri used to feel the pain

Seems so. She used to worry about her husband’s health.She was worried about her and her daughters if anything happens to her husband due to increased sugar levels.She told the same to relatives.

Differences between Sridevi and her sister Srilatha

They didn’t have any property differences. Rajeswaramma underwent major operation. She was to get operated at one place but was operated in another place. She passed away after that. A case was filed on the hospital. Both had differences over the bill settlement. Nothing more than that.

Their relations after that

Both used to be cordial. Srilatha too went to Dubai for the marraige recently. Srilatha returned after the marriage. She went to Mumbai after Sri’s death.

Did Sri use to bring gifts when she met relatives

Yes. She never used to think twice about it. We never had any financial problems. However Sri’s death is unforgettable as she passed away in a foreign country.