Srikanth becomes hoax victim


Actor Srikanth is the latest victim of media rumours after a Youtube channel reported that the actor was badly injured in a car accident while going for a shoot. The channel added that he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and that his family members came to see him later. An angry Srikanth decided to lodge a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police over this fake news.

“I was in Bangalore for a film shooting and getting so many calls about my health. My family members in Hyderabad were a worried lot and they called me to ask about the accident. Some of the media spread wrong news about celebrities just to hike their ratings. Others follow the trend and spread the false news. I have already spoken to the Cyber Crime Police,” says Srikanth, adding “The Movie Artiste Association (MAA) is taking these websites and channels seriously and working with the police to close them down.”