Srimanthudu Beats Baahubali In That Area


Mahesh-Babu-looks-in-Sriman“Baahubali” is the mightiest movie that has hit Indian screens ever. For that reason, it became the top grosser in India and also the first ever South Indian movie to storm into 500 crore club. Come what may, these commercial films of our star heroes can’t compete with that flick for sure. Would you believe if Srimanthudu beats Baahubali?

Tough to believe but Srimanthudu ticket sales has beat Baahubali for sure. This is not about the number of tickets sold, but the amounts they are sold for. For the Thursday evening premiere shows across USA, many enthusiastic fans have brought each ticket with Rs 15000 approximately. That’s the highest price a ticket has fetched for any Telugu movie so far, with the last one being somewhere around 8-9K for Baahubali premiere shows. In a way Srimanthudu has beaten Baahubali in that area.

With positive reports being heard from all quarters, we have to see how far Srimanthudu will flex his muscles in terms of collections. Keeping Baahubali aside, fans are expecting this film of Mahesh to cross the scores ticked by Attarintiki Daredi. That’s a long way to go, let’s wait and watch.