Srimanthudu ‘Beer Abhishekam’


‘Srimanthudu’ literally means a wealthy person. This does not mean hero Mahesh Babu in ‘Srimanthudu’ film enjoys a well-off life in characterization. Not their hero but his Fans seem to be quite rich and prosperous to make their hero drowned and bathed with Beer bottles. One such strange scenario is seen on social networking when some of the Mahesh Babu Fans posted a photo to share their Fan frenzy.

The theater location or town/’city where the picture is captured isn’t known. We have generally seen Fans and admirers bathing their hero’s cut outs with milk and water. For the first time, they made Mahesh Babu get wet in Beer. Well, it is left up to individuals to figure out whether this is a healthy practice or sending any wrong message from Fans.srimanthudu-beer-abhishekam_b_1108150201