Srimanthudu Producers Lost 20 Crores


MaheshBiggest of big hits, Srimanthudu is the talk of town. Probably the film has broken the Baahubali saga by catching attention of everyone. After two big disasters, Mahesh Babu has literally felt relieved with this happening. But why would his producers lose money?

If we have to believe that Eros Entertainment has bought the rights of the film for 80 crores, then we have to agree that Mythri Makers and even Mahesh hast lost 30 crores jointly. Had the makers released ‘Srimanthudu’ themselves, they would have easily seen a share of 90-100 crores recovering from all areas. Rather taking 80 cr from Eros, if they took patience route, another 20 crores would have fallen in their accounts. This is just an assumption, but fans do believe that Srimanthudu producers have hurried a little.

On the other hand, Mythri Makers has thanked Telugu audiences for giving such warm welcome and a stupendous hit just for their first film. They are looking forward to give more such meaningful treats to audiences in the coming days.