Srinivasa Kalyanam Heading Towards Disaster


Nithiin and Dil Raju expected the movie Srinivasa Kalyanam to perform better than Shatamanam Bhavathi, starring Sharwanand with same director, Satish Vegnesna.

The movie release with huge buzz and the positive statements that team made, had people increase their expectations.

But since, the first day first show, movie started getting bad talk and negative feedback on social media spread like wild fire.

The PR team of Dil Raju and the producer himself, tried to contain it, but now Geetham Govindam storm has put the final brakes on Srinivasa Kalyanam’s progress.

The first week share of the movie ended up at Rs. 11.67 crores for a value of Rs. 27.04 crores prior to release.

This means the movie will have a tough time going forward and even Independence Day couldn’t help the movie to put a fight with new release.

The movie could be below average movie earner if it can pull to Rs. 16 or 17 crores in the coming weeks but with people preferring Geetha Govindam more, theatres will look to accommodate the new movie more and that will hamper the chances of Srinivasa Kalyanam even more.

Area Share (in Rs.)

Nizam 4. 70 Cr

Ceded 1.40 Cr

Nellore 0.31 Cr

Krishna 0.60 Cr

Guntur 0.74 Cr

Vizag 1.28 Cr

East 0.70 Cr

West 0.47 Cr

TOTAL (AP & TS) 10.20 Cr

USA 0.75 Cr

Rest of India 0.72 Cr

TOTAL (WW) 11.67 Cr