Star Hero In Frustration With Wrong Signature


He is a star hero now. He has no big film family background but emerged all of a sudden and became the heart throb of millions of fans. He is being treated as a phenomenon now. All was well until he signed on some agreement papers a few years back. He is now lamenting for that signature. What are those papers and why lamenting now? Here goes the story.

As soon as this talented actor got his first hit, a brand management company approached him and said that it would bring opportunities for the actor to act in commercial ads and also manage all sorts of his commercial assignments for years down the line. All that the company said that it would charge only some minimum percentage in any deal. But the agreement with the company was so tight with so many terms and conditions. He didn’t think deep at that time but signed on it finding it interesting.

The company didn’t bring him any opportunity, but he got gushing opportunities to act in ads after his 2nd hit. But as per the agreement, he cannot work in any ad without the consent of the company with which he signed. So he diverted the clients to the company and they were quoted a bomb for every deal with some many terms and conditions. While some okayed to go ahead, a few clients dropped the deals.

On the other hand, the actor cannot even entertain the friends who are in different businesses with his friendly branding gestures. His freedom is thus locked in a single signature. Apart from lamenting the actor has nothing to do now.

Well, we cannot even blame the company here as it is running on its clear business motives.