Star Hero To Fight With Real Tigers


Real-TigersWe can have Computer Graphics to do some extra ordinary stunts on behalf of our heroes. Seriously that needs utmost preparation, especially a hero’s physic and emotions look like he’s really taking part in the fight. One of India’s celebrated star heroes, Hrithik Roshan is now getting ready to fight with Tigers. Yes, he’ll fight tigers.

Details about tigers and all is not revealed at the moment but Hrithik is said to be training for this sequence for the upcoming “Mohenjadaro” being directed by Lagaan director Asutosh Gowariker. As Hrithik carries a shirt-less, simple robes look through out the flick, his body should like a delight to watch and hence director insists him to get well built muscles. Especially if one has to fight with tigers, then he needs to have that stamina in the muscle apart from the courage.

Popular fitness expert Satyajit who helped Amir Khan carve 8-pack abs for “Ghajini” is helping Hrithik now. ‘Mohenjodaro’ is a love story set in Indus Valley Situation and has Varun Tej’s Mukunda heroine Pooja Hegde in the lead alongside our hunk hero.