Star Heroines to quit Tollywood


samantha-and-TamannaWhenever some producers are calling them, the message they are hearing is nevertheless the same from these sexy seductresses. Let us see why are these hotties saying ‘the number you are calling is busy’.

Dazzling beauties that are part of some prestigious projects at the moment are right now not interested to accept any new project right now. It starts with the case of Anushka Shetty. She is part of Rajamouli’s magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ and Gunasekhar’s ‘Rudramadevi’. The actress is saying no to all offers that are coming her way citing that she can’t sign new projects for the next one year. It seems like the production schedules of these two historic flicks may not allow Anushka take up any new job. Also there are rumours that she wants to get married and settled after completing these two movies.

Two other young beauties who pushed themselves to the top spot, Kajal and Samantha are also chanting the same dialogue. While Kajal is demanding huge and keeping Tollywood offers away, Samantha wants to make it big in Kollywood and hence wants to keep her 2014 diary empty. There are rumours that Kajal wants to get married and hence avoiding all projects, but surprising her sister’s marriage is confirmed. Coming to Samantha, she is heard of quitting Tollywood upon directions from her boyfriend.

Other biggies like Trisha and Ileana have already kept off the Tollywood radar and their image too got distracted here, subsequently making them lose market value and box office potential too. With all these heroines singing ‘busy’ tune, it seems like Tollywood is in serious need of star heroines.