Star Hero’s Affair With Two Heroines!


Star-Hero-Affair-With-Two-HeroinsHe is a popular hero with good background. Gossip is that the hero is ‘maintaining’ two top heroines and has ‘close’ bonds with both. While one is his co-star of his present film, the other heroine is one with whom he hasn’t shared screen space.

Apparently, on sets he is romancing his co-star and off the sets he is allegedly maintaining his relationship with other heroine who is his current girlfriend.

Although there is nothing new in relationships, affair, but this hero sustaining relationship with both at once is what became topic in tinsel town.

And it is heard that none of the two relationships are serious and hence apparently, both heroines also said to have taken it in their stride about rumours on the hero. He said to have become master of sorts when it comes to relationships in Tollywood.